Tortilla De Patatas

Carlos and I cook a Spanish classic tortilla de patatas, or a Spanish omelette. This omelette consists of eggs and potatoes as its base. You can add anything you wish: onion, salchicha, chorizo etc. The size of the omelette depends on how many people you are serving. This recipe makes enough for four people.

6 potatoes peeled and cubed,
salt to taste,
olive oil for the skillet,
6 eggs scrambled

1. Place olive oil in the skillet.
2. Peel and cube the potatoes. Salt potatoes to taste.
3. Over medium heat fry potatoes until tender. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
4. While potatoes are frying scramble the eggs.
5. When potatoes are done remove from heat. Mix potatoes with eggs and place back in skillet.
I usually use 2 pans for this part. I usually remove the potatoes and put them in to a bowl. Then mix in the eggs and cook the tortilla in a separate pan. It saves me from draining hot oil.

6. Cook the tortilla until it forms a round cake-like consistency.
7. Flip tortilla by placing a heavy dish on top of the pan. Firmly grip the pan in one hand, the dish in the other. Carefully raise pan high in the air and flip tortilla on to plate. Once you have flipped the tortilla, carefully return it to the pan. Cook for one to two minutes more and serve. Ejnoy aproveche!

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