Here are some of my favorite links, I hope you visit and enjoy them.

Mi Ukelele join my husband Carlos as he teaches uke to the kids

Check out the wonderful teachers, folk musicians and all-around nice folks Dear Old Dad and Patrick. They have been making and teaching music for years, inspiring thousands around the world to play frailing or clawhammer banjo! Many great workshops and videos on their site
Check out my favorite crochet designer Mary Jane Hall! Her beautiful designs, will inspire you. Her books Positively Crochet!: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips, Crochet That Fits: Shaped Fashions Without Increases or Decreases, and her latest Colorful Crochet Lace are truly works of art. Both Positively Crochet and Crochet That Fits are available in Kindle format!

Another one of my favorite crochet designers, this woman is amazing! She makes everything from sweaters to moccasins on flipflop soles. If you want to get creative and be amazed, check out Jess at Make and Do Crew!

Read Beth’s fascinating blog and her adventures with her Seeing Eye dog. Beth is an award-winning journalist and children’s book author
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